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The World’s Most Polluting Brands In 2019

Once again, Coca-Cola topped the list of the world’s most polluting brands, for the second year in a row, in a global review of plastic waste conducted by the Global Break Free From Plastic Movement. Nestlé came in second place, followed by big brands such as PepsiCo, Mondelοz International and Unilever.

During the one-day clean-up campaign in September, which was the basis for this review, according to tech engage, more than 72,000 volunteers picked up plastic bottles, mugs, envelopes, bags and slates placed on beaches and along waterways and surrounding streets. Offices and houses. After sorting, plastic waste was found to belong to nearly 8,000 brands.
The screening revealed that Coca-Cola was responsible for 113,232 pieces of plastic garbage found on four continents in 37 different countries. In the immediate aftermath of Coke, the other largest polluters were Nestle, PepsiCo, Mondelοz International (the industrial brand behind Oreo, Ritz, Nabisco, Nutter Butter) and Unilever. In addition to a large number of plastic residues that reached the point of corrosion, their brand could not be revealed.
Nestlé, which ranked second in the world’s polluting brand in 2019, is responsible for 4,846 plastic items found in 31 countries. PepsiCo finished third, with 3,368 pieces of plastic in 28 countries. It was followed by Mondelοz International, which left 3,323 plastic pieces in 23 countries. Mars ranked sixth in terms of pollution, with 543 plastics found in 20 countries.

Another big name, Procter & Gamble, also known as P&G, was responsible for 1,160 pieces in 18 countries. This was followed by a well-known trading company, Colgate Palmolive, which left 642 plastic shards in 18 countries. Philip Morris International ranked ninth, accounting for 2,239 plastics in 17 countries. Perfetti van Melle was ranked 10th and last, finding 1,090 plastic pieces in 17 countries.
The report revealed that Coca-Cola’s contribution to pollution was high on all four continents, the second largest in Asia and South America, while the list of polluters was high in Africa and Europe. In addition, Coke topped the list of the worst polluters in 2018 as well, followed by PepsiCo and Nestle. The slight difference seen this year is that Nestlé ranked second as the largest polluter, followed by PepsiCo.
Seeing the names of global companies on the list of the most polluting brands is already a matter of concern, which will raise many questions about their integrity, relevance and care for the surrounding environment and the people who live there.


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