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Home Exercises To Strengthen Muscles

Both men and women resort to exercising to strengthen muscles in order to increase the ability to perform daily tasks more easily, in addition to the state of self-esteem that one feels with strong muscles. With the failure to adhere to exercises in gyms due to lack of time or just laziness, many are looking for a way to do exercises at home to strengthen muscles without the need to go to gyms in a relatively short time, and it should be noted that those exercises must be accompanied by a diet that depends on eating quantities Great in protein and reduce the intake of salts and fats. There are exercises that can be practiced at home to strengthen the muscles, including the following: Squat exercise This exercise is useful for strengthening the muscles of the thighs, which is the largest muscle in the body in terms of size and strength, as it is largely responsible for different weightlifting operations from the ground In addition to carrying the same weight as the trunk. As for the way to exercise, it is standing upright with the spacing between the legs to make the feet along the same shoulder, and spread the arms parallel to the shoulders as well, then go down to bend the knees to the front until the thigh becomes parallel to the ground, and rise to the basic position slowly, and repeat the exercise eight times Take two minutes to rest and repeat three groups. Volume 0% Exercise bike This exercise does the stomach muscles and strengthens the upper wall of the abdomen, which helps to increase physical fitness and reduce the feeling of fatigue in general, and this exercise is performed by lying on the back and raising the upper part of the trunk with the head support on the hands, and raise the legs by two feet above Ground level, bike simulation with knee-fold switch. The pressure exercise is the most effective exercise in strengthening the muscles of the upper part of the body, it strengthens the muscles of the chest, shoulders, upper back and stomach, and the person lies on his face and puts his palms on the ground in the direction of the front toward the shoulders, and by pressing the hands he raises the body to the top until the elbows are straightened, It must be taken into consideration that the forehead is the closest to the floor, not the chin, to prevent harmful effects on the neck muscles. Mindfulness Mindfulness exercises strengthen the body in general and help to build muscle mass in record time. All that one can need in order to do mental exercises is a sufficiently high beam to attach to without touching the ground. There are several types of exercises that can be performed by that crossbar, where the crossbar and palms can be grabbed outside, and in another type inside, and the arms can be spaced or narrowed, and the exercise may be difficult in the beginning so the trainee needs the assistance of a person to lift from the bottom, and with As time passes, exercises will become easier.


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