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Adorable Dachshund Knows Just One Trick, But It’s a Good One

Harlso, a five-year-old hunting dog from capital of northern ireland|capital, Northern Ireland, has up to net high status due to one spectacular talent – leveling things on his head whereas standing very, very still.

From glasses full of water, to donuts and screechy toys, there’s nothing that Harlso the “King of Balancing” can’t balance on his little head. It all started 3 years agone, once his owner, Paul Lavery, jokingly placed a screechy toy on his head and was shocked to envision the little canine sit as still as a sculpture, whereas attempting to seem up the thing. Up to it purpose, Paul and his partner, Jen Scott, had tried teaching Harlso the same old tricks, like ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘roll over’, however he simply wasn’t interested. the primary time he saw his pup leveling that screechy toy in his head, Paul remembers vocation his girlfriend: “Jen! Harlso features a hidden talent!”

Photos: Harlso/Instagram

Soon after discovering the dachshund’s talent for balancing things on his head, in February of 2016, Paul and Jen set up various social media accounts for him, and in just a few months, he already had around 14,000 followers, some of which started getting in touch about opportunities of meeting and petting Harlso.

“It very started growing quite quickly. individuals from everywhere the globe follow him,” 30-year-old Paul Lavery aforesaid. “When we have a tendency to created the Instagram account it absolutely was chiefly only for North American country, family and friends. we have a tendency to ne’er expected it to require it off. I simply thought ‘who goes to have an interest in seeing these photos and videos?’”

“Harlso’s got his very own VIP fan club for the most dedicated fans and we get messages from people wanting to meet him,” the canine celebrity’s owner added. “We got one message from an Australian couple who said they were in the area and asked if they could pencil in a time to meet him and pet him.”

The lovable pooch will apparently balance something on his head, however his homeowners don’t use something that’s too significant or remotely dangerous for him. They stack cookies, donuts, flower, tiny containers choked with liquid, and he’ll simply sit there sort of a sculpture, carrying one among his over three hundred bow-ties.

Harlso the dachsie presently has over 111,000 followers on Instagram alone, has won a 2019 netlike Award, is listed joined of the Guinness World Records ‘Amazing Animals’, and recently won Northern Ireland’s Social Media temperament of the Year, beating many humans to the title. And he’s achieved all that because of a cute and distinctive talent.


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