Things Where The Italian People Are Superior To The Rest Of The World

Every day there are many stories about how wonderful life is in Italy, so to honor the Italian people, we’ve compiled a list of things that are superior to the rest of the world.

Things where the Italian people are superior to the rest of the world.

Coffee: Although coffee shops and coffee lovers are spread around the world, no one prepares them as in Italy, it is not a hobby or a profession for the Italian people, but an art in itself, where the best coffee beans are milled to make amazing coffee drinks with minute spuns of milk and heat to make the mix Ideally, the most important thing that distinguishes them is the attention to detail, despite its simplicity.
A distinctive Italian cultural tradition is what aperitivo calls, sitting in a café at noon for drinks, a snack and relaxation, which is the pinnacle of urbanization.

Shoes: The Italian people excel in making shoes both in terms of designs and quality of manufacture and cannot be outdone.
Cinema: What also distinguishes Italians is cinema, where in the history of modern cinema there are many distinguished Italians such as director Vittorio di Sica and director Federico Fellini, and films such as The Bicycle Thief and La Dolce Vita, which combine beauty and lightness of shade. Tragedy and magic.

Suits: There’s nothing better than a visit to Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda to buy a suit to make you feel like an unmatched elegance, as Italians have the talent to make premium, unexpensive suits that combine classic and contemporary.

Sunglasses: Luxottica of Italy offers about 80% of the world’s eyewear brands, sunglasses are more than just a simple accessory for the Italian people; they are indispensable to them and can’t leave your home either summer or winter without them, but it’s hard Match the Italian people in how they use sunglasses and coordinate them with what they wear with all their ingenuity and elegance.
Pasta: True Italian pasta is one of the specialities you might want to try, taking care of every detail from the noodles used to the sauce. It is simple and uses fresh ingredients, and there are a number of regional pasta that compete in its great taste.
Beaches: There are countless beaches in Italy, which are different from the rest of the world, although they are small in size, with their pristine blue waters and rocky cliffs on their sides. Italian beaches are often crowded, and going to the beach is a social occasion away from the hustle and bustle of civic life.
Cars: When talking about luxury sports cars we deny the name Lamborghini or Maserati, but Italy has introduced a number of car designs that have outperformed many. In addition to being headquartered at Pininfarina, it has also introduced a number of leading sports cars such as Alfa Romeo Spider, Fiat Giulietta, Ferrari 250 GTO and Fiat 500, all of which have been characterized by attractive design and power.
Gelato: What some don’t know is that Italian gelato is different from ice cream; it’s mainly made of milk and is not served iced, making it more creamy and tastes amazing.
Cultural life: Most countries of the world have cultural landmarks, but Italy is different from the rest of the world; the Italian government gives every 18-year-old 500 euros as a cultural gift to be spent on books, cinema tickets, museums and national parks as part of the national initiative to enrich the country.
Healthy life: Although Italy is the country of pasta and gelato, the Italian people are considered to be among the healthiest people in the world according to some reports, due to the diet of the Italian people, which contains a large amount of vegetables and olive oil, which has contributed to improving cholesterol rates And public health.